6 - 10 year-olds: What Is Peace? | KONNECT HQ |


Sunday - 10:00 am - located @ Green Valley Middle School

Mar. 05, 2023


Families, do your kids know what spiritual peace is? Talk about the gift Jesus gives to us: peace of mind and heart! Worship as you dance along to "Loved” and “Who You Are," watch the Bible story “Jesus Visits Martha and Mary,” memorize John 14:27, and play the peace spinner game with your family. If you have kids 6 to 10 years old, it’s time for CHURCH AT HOME!

Build a daily Bible habit as a family! Check out the Bible Plan “Peace for Kids” in the YouVersion Bible App: https://www.bible.com 

“What Is Peace,” the included full episode, follows the Konnect HQ crew’s adventures: Olive arranges a peace party to encourage the Konnect HQ team ... but then everyone gets shocking news from the Konnect Board. Can Konnect HQ find peace when everything seems to be changing?


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